Stoneleigh Baby Massage

The Benefits of Baby Massage

The four main areas of benefit are:-

  • Relaxing - a calm, quiet time to enjoy together. Helps regulate sleep patterns.
  • Stimulating - stimulates the various systems and senses of the baby.
  • Pain relief - helps to release tension within baby's muscles and can help with wind, teething etc.
  • Interaction - understanding baby's cues and communicating on a deeper level with baby through touch.

The most import aspect of touch is the fact that messages and the meaning of them can be conveyed more powerfully between two people, than when spoken.

Touch is a basic human need; reaching out to someone in distress or to someone we love is a natural response. It is a powerful language and a fundamental need of the human psyche. Babies who are constantly touched and caressed lovingly are the ones who will thrive the most. The soothing touch that your baby receives from its parents convey feelings of love, security, safety and deep bonding.

Massage is one of the oldest methods of touch and combining this powerful sense with the sense of smell can have a dramatic effect on both the baby and parent. The feeling of your hands gliding over their skin brings your baby comforting, and relaxing sensations.

Course Details

Week 1 - Introducing massage to babies
Week 2 - Legs, tummy, colic routine
Week 3 - Legs, chest, arms, tummy
Week 4 - Legs, face, tummy, chest, arms
Week 5 - Legs, tummy, chest, arms, face, back

Over the five weeks we will also have discussions about areas of baby care and parenting that will be of interest to you.

The course of five sessions is just £30 per family which includes oil and handouts showing all the strokes you will be shown.


Would you like to be able to communicate with and understand your baby better?

You can through infant massage!

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